Alan Tang

Hong Kong (2018)

LLB (Hons) University of Leicester, UK
LLM Arb & DR City University of Hong Kong
PCLL University of Hong Kong

Practice Areas

Alan’s practice revolved predominately with criminal and arbitration cases.

Throughout the years, Alan has acquired a great deal of hands-on experiences dealing with criminal trials and magistracy appeals largely concerning conspiracy to defraud, fraudulent cases, false accounting, industrial summons, trafficking and/or possession of dangerous drugs, road traffic offences, indecent assault, burglary, blackmail as well as criminal damage. Alan is extremely keen on challenging the admissibility of police and confession statements and in giving advice on the matter of criminal sanctions. Solicitors on this field repeatedly regarded Alan as a “responsible, reliable, diligent and a sharp advocate”.

As early in 2017, Alan was invited by the Hong Kong Shue Yan University to speak as a guest lecturer regarding the money laundering framework in Hong Kong. He was one of the examiners of the mooting module. Currently, he is a part-time lecturer of City University of Hong Kong, teaching the module of Arbitration Practice from the Master of Law programme.

Aside from his criminal practice, Alan is one of the few selected practitioners in his field who possess extensive experience of dealing with arbitration cases. He mainly act as the legal representatives as shown hereinbelow of the profile.

Alan is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Selected Cases

Criminal Cases

HKSAR v. K.C.C (WKCC 2630/2021), acted as the advocate for the 2nd Defendant who was facing a charge of fighting in public area. The facts were rather complex and the 2nd Defendant managed to advance the argument of self-defence. The 2nd Defendant was acquitted.

HKSAR v. L.K.L (KTCC 710/2021), acted as the advocate for the Client facing two counts of money laundering for approximately HK$ 1,000,000. An argument was advanced about whether s. 25A(2)(b)(i) to (iii) of the Organised and Serious Crimes Ordinance Cap 455 are applicable if the accused had disclosed the proceeds in his witness statement (Pol. 154). The Client was acquitted for all two charges.

HKSAR v. Ming Hing Waterworks Engineering Company Limited (D1) & Others (D2) (FLS 3159 - 3160/2021), acted as the sole advocate of the main contractor D1. An argument was advanced about the appropriate time frame in displaying Form 4 at the construction site. Both D1 and D2 were acquitted for the summonses.

HKSAR v. Lyu Xinmin (STCC 1990/2020), acted as the advocate for the Client facing three charges including conspiracy to defraud and false statement. The Client was acquitted.

HKSAR v. Chan Man Yiu [2018] HKCA 804 (with Mr. Dick Lee), acted as a junior on a criminal appeal regarding the charge of burglary.

HKSAR v. Chan Ting [2019] HKCFI 256 (with Mr. Lawrence Hui), acted as a junior on a criminal appeal regarding the charge of indecent assault.

HKSAR v. Wong Ming Wai [2021] HKCFI 170 (with Mr. James Tze), acted as a junior on a criminal appeal regarding a police officer assaulting a civilian.

HKSAR v. Chung Wai Yee (HCMA 280/2020), acted as the advocate on a criminal appeal regarding theft.

HKSAR v. Li Pui Ka & Anor [2020] HKDC 239 (DCCC 725/2019), acted as a sole advocate to mitigate for the Client who was charged with three count of using a false instrument.

HKSAR v. Yip Man Leung (DCCC 814/2019)(with Mr. Jon Wong), acted as a junior to mitigate for the Client who was charged with one count of riot.

HKSAR v. Faraz Waqaas (DCCC 465/2020) (with Mr. Clement Lau), acted as a junior where the Client was charged with various count including dangerous driving.

Arbitration Cases

Construction arbitration (with Dr. Christopher To) : acted as a junior on an arbitration case representing a Sub-Contractor from Macau to seek damages from a multinational corporate (who was the Main Contractor of the project in question). The dispute was then settled.

Shareholding Agreement dispute arbitration (with Mr. Dick Lee): acted as a junior representing a PRC company (the Respondent) in a sale and purchase agreement involving transnational law issue. The Claimant in that case was attempting to seek a sum of damages over USD 100,000,000.

Shareholding Agreement dispute arbitration (with Ms. Amanda Lee): acted as a junior on an arbitration case representing the Claimant to seek damages for over RMB 20,000,000 derived from a sale and purchase shareholding agreement.

Building Management Ordinance-related arbitration (with Dr. Christopher To): acted as a junior representing the Incorporated Owners (the Respondent) by seeking various owners for outstanding management fees and up keeping expenses. The Tribunal ruled in favour of the Respondent.