The ICAC was established in Hong Kong in 1975 to combat corruption and fraud in the public and private sectors.

In the past 35 years the Agency has grown to occupy a central position in relation to corruption and commercial crime prosecutions in Hong Kong.

Investigations by the ICAC often cause significant disruption to a client's business and can generate adverse media attention, leading to a number of unwelcome side-effects.

Members of Liberty Chambers have the necessary expertise to deal with and give advice in relation to such investigations, including issues such as; search, seizure, arrest and detention; asset restraining orders; compulsory powers of interrogation and provision of information; restriction on the rights to travel prior to charge; protection of informants and the elements of the principal corruption offences outlined in the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance Chapter 201.

Moreover, members of Liberty Chambers have extensive experience in defending prosecutions brought by the ICAC for offences of corruption, fraud and related offences.

Such cases often involve the challenge to caution-statements or video-recorded interviews, where specialist knowledge of the procedures and tactics of the investigators is the key to uncovering any investigatory abuse.