Hiu H. Wong, Athena
黃曉虹 大律師


黃大狀自2013年起成為香港執業大律師,亦於2016年獲頒發紐約州律師執業資格。黃大狀畢業於牛津大學(法學文學士)。Athena has been practising as a barrister in Hong Kong since 2013. She has also been admitted as an attorney in New York since 2016. She graduated from Oxford University with a degree in law.

黃大狀專長國際商業、刑事及家事案件。成為大律師之前,曾為可口可樂和記電訊等跨國企業的商業及法律條款談判提供服務。 Her practice focuses on cross-border commercial, criminal and family cases. Before practising as a barrister, she specialised in negotiating pricing and commercial terms for international firms, including Coca-Cola and Hutchison Telecommunications.

黃大狀在2019年獲邀為建築法律書籍《Eden’s Construction Law Hong Kong》作書評。此外,她亦是《Complex Commercial Litigation Law Review》第一版和第二版的香港法律章節的合著者。In 2019, she was invited to write the book review for the law book Eden’s Construction Law Hong Kong. Further, she was a co-author of the chapter on Hong Kong law for the law book Complex Commercial Litigation Law Review, the 1st and 2nd edition.

黃大狀於2019年(5月至9月)及2021年(7月至8月)獲委任為香港小額錢債審裁處暫委審裁官,曾審理及裁決多宗商業、合約及其他糾紛。Athena was appointed as Deputy Adjudicator of the Small Claims Tribunal in year 2019 (from May to September) and year 2021 (from July to August). She has the experience of adjudicating disputes on various areas.


2013 Middle Temple Scholarships for Advocacy Training 法庭辯護獎學金培訓
2009 Marshalling, Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal (HKCFA) 香港終審法院學徒
2008 Rowlinson Award, Harris Manchester College, Oxford University 牛津大學獎項
2008 McDonough Prize, Harris Manchester College, Oxford University 牛津大學獎項
2007 President, Oxford University Debating Society 牛津大學辯論協會主席


1. 自2016年起成為香港仲裁師協會資深會員
    Fellow, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators (HKIARB), since 2016

2. 自2017年起成為香港大律師公會「仲裁員名冊」成員
    Member, List of Arbitrators, Hong Kong Bar Association (HKBA), since 2017

3. 自2017年起成為中國商事調解員
    Chinese Commercial Mediator, since 2017

4. 自2019年起成為英國特許仲裁師公會資深會員
    Fellow, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), since 2019

5. 自2020年起成為一邦國際網上仲調2019冠狀病毒病網上爭議解決計劃「仲裁員名冊」成員
    Member, Panel of Arbitrators, eBRAM COVID-19 Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Scheme, since 2020

6. 自2021年起成為香港仲裁司協會「審裁員名冊」成員
    Member, Panel of Adjudicators, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators, since 2021


7. 自2018年起成為香港總商會「法律委員會」委員
    Member, Legal Committee, Hong Kong Chambers of Commerce, since 2018

8. 自2018年起成為香港仲裁師協會「審裁及建築委員會」委員
    Member, Adjudication & Construction Committee, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators (HKIArb), since 2018

9. 自2020年起成為香港大律師公會「仲裁委員會」委員
    Member, Arbitration Committee, Hong Kong Bar Association, since 2020

10. 旅館牌照簽發諮詢小組委員 (2020年12月 – 2022年11月)
    Member, Advisory Panel on Licensing of Hotels and Guesthouses, December 2020 to November 2022


Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.