David Leung
梁卓然 資深大律師

Email: davidleung@libertychambers.com

Solicitor of the High Court of Hong Kong (1992)

Hong Kong (1998), Inner Bar (2015)

LL.B., P.C.LL., LL.M. (1996), LL.M. in Human Rights (2013) (University of Hong Kong)
Certificate of Computer Crime Investigation and Computer Forensics Training Program (University of Science and Technology)
Professional Diploma in Computer Forensics (University of Science and Technology)


David was admitted as a solicitor in 1992 in Hong Kong, primarily focusing on civil litigation practice covering a broad range of cases including personal injuries and employees’ compensation (both for Plaintiffs and Defendants), matrimonial, conveyancing, vendor and purchaser summons and Mareva injunctions. As advocate, he has appeared in Order 14 applications, contested custody and maintenance proceedings, employees’ compensation trials and over 50 trials in the Magistrates’ Courts.

In 1995, David joined the Prosecutions Division (PD) of the then Legal Department as a prosecutor. In his 25 years of work in PD, David has worked in almost every aspect of prosecutorial work and accrued a wide range of experience in advising and conducting criminal cases. David is particularly experienced in conducting both trials and appeals at all levels of courts. He has prosecuted around 30 jury trials, many trials in the District Court and Magistrates’ Courts, and over 500 criminal appeals. Many of the trials which David prosecuted involved multiple defendants and complicated factual and legal issues. His areas of expertise include SFC cases, commercial fraud, cybercrime, digital evidence, human rights and constitutional arguments, appeals, reviews of sentences and costs in criminal cases.

David took silk in 2015. He was appointed to head and lead the PD as the Director of Public Prosecutions of the Department of Justice in 2017 and there he remained until 2020.

David commences private practice in 2022.

David has taught criminal procedure and advocacy classes at the University of Hong Kong for many years. He is a regular trainer of the Pupils Advocacy Program and Prosecution on Fiat Training Program run by the Hong Kong Advocacy Training Council. David has also assisted as trainer in advocacy training programs in London, Brunei, Dublin and Fiji.


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(A case of insider dealing.  Statutory interpretation of section 104 of the Magistrates Ordinance – can a magistrate review the sentence with a pending appeal against conviction)

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Secretary for Justice v William Ng Esq. A Coroner [2011] 1 HKLRD 283 (CFI) (Proper approach in an application under section 20 of the Coroners Ordinance for a death inquest to be held)


Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong on Costs in Criminal Cases Ordinance, Cap. 492 (1997 and 2007)

Contributing author of Hong Kong Archbold 2004

Contributor of Chapter on Hong Kong, Electronic Evidence: Disclosure, Discovery Admissibility, (2007) LexisNexis, Butterworths

Contributor of Chapter on Advocates’ Immunity, Professional Conduct and Risk Management in Hong Kong (2007) Sweet & Maxwell Asia

Contributor of Chapter on Hong Kong, Electronic Evidence: Disclosure, Discovery & Admissibility, 2nd Edition (2010) LexisNexis, Butterworths


Honorary Lecturer, Department of Professional Legal Education, Faculty of Law, HKU (2000 – 2021)

Member of the Double Jeopardy Sub-Committee, Law Reform Commission, Hong Kong (2006 – 2011)

Member of the Judicial Studies Board (2010 – 2012)

Adjunct Professor, Department of Professional Legal Education, Faculty of Law, HKU (2015 – 2021)