Peter Yu

Peter Yu

Hong Kong (2009)

LLM, Durham University, United Kingdom (2007-2008)

PCLL, City University of Hong Kong (2006-2007)

LLB, City University of Hong Kong (2003-2006)


Peter is a general practitioner in the criminal and civil fields, with an emphasis on criminal litigation. He is regularly instructed to appear in court for trial, defending charges ranging from murder, trafficking in dangerous drugs, possession of firearms and ammunition, money laundering, corruption and bribery offences, fraud, wounding, to road traffic offences such as dangerous driving.

Apart from trial, Peter has extensive experience in appellate work, both as an advocate and a led junior. He also has the experience of acting for clients in disciplinary matters such as Estate Agent Authority hearings and in tribunal hearings such as Registration of Persons Tribunal hearings.

Peter’s practice in civil matters includes land, company and commercial matters, winding-up and bankruptcy, probate, personal injuries and building management matters.


Contributing Editor, Archbold Hong Kong (since 2013)

Instructor, Pupils Advocacy Programme organized by the Hong Kong Advocacy Training Council

Annotator, The Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong, Police Force Ordinance, Cap.232



HKSAR v. Cheung (HCMA 271/2016, 23rd September 2016) (Chinese judgment)

Acted as advocate on appeal. The appellant was convicted of, among others, one count of using an unlicensed vehicle, contrary to s.52(1)(a) of the Road Traffic Ordinance, Cap.374. The appeal against conviction was allowed. The Court accepted that the phrase “use” should be given a restrictive meaning. On 19th October 2016, the Court of First Instance certified three points of law of great and general importance. The leave to appeal to the Court of Final Appeal hearing is fixed to be heard on 26th April 2017.

HKSAR v. Ma (HCCC 356/2015, 23rd February 2016)

Acted as advocate to mitigate for the defendant who faced three charges involving firearms and ammunition, contrary to s.13 of the Firearms and Ammunition Ordinance, Cap.238.

HKSAR v. Chan (HCMA 42/2013, 16th July 2013) (Chinese judgment)

Acted as advocate in a successful appeal against conviction, where the appellant was convicted of one count of indecent assault at trial.

HKSAR v Rivas & Others (HCCC 191/2012)

Led by Mr. Keith Oderberg for trial for six defendants who were charged with various counts of trafficking in a dangerous drug. The total quantity of dangerous drugs involved were 538 kg of a mixture containing 422.5 kg of cocaine.

HKSAR v. Cheung (HCMA 98/2012) (Chinese Judgment)

Acted as advocate in a successful appeal against conviction, where the appellant was convicted of one count of careless driving at trial.

HKSAR v Lam (CACC 195/2012) (Chinese Judgment)

Acted as advocate in a successful appeal against sentence. The appellant was convicted of one count of trafficking in a dangerous drug and various counts of road traffic offences.

HKSAR v. Ng & Another (HCCC 399/2010)

Led by Mr. Keith Oderberg for trial for the 1st Defendant who was charged with one count of murder.


Chung Chi Cheung v. Chung Kwan Wa [2017] 1 HKLRD 57

Acted for the Plaintiff in a successful application for a partition order under the Partition Ordinance, Cap.352.

Numeric City Ltd. v. Lau Chi Wing [2016] 4 HKLRD 812; [2016] 5 HKC 448

Acted as advocate for the Respondent on appeal whereby the Court of Appeal laid down general guidance on the evidence for contempt proceedings.

Chu Chung Shing Investment Co. Ltd. v. Lam Chung & Others (DCMP 2773/2011, 30th November 2015)

Acted for the Defendants claiming adverse possession against the Plaintiff. The issue of adverse possession by way of construction of squatter houses on the rooftop of a building was explored.