Joseph Lee

Joseph Lee

Hong Kong (2008)

Joseph was called to the Bar in 2008. He accepts instructions in both civil and criminal areas.

Joseph has an extensive criminal practice involving both trial and appellate work. He was previously appointed as a Deputy Magistrate in 2016.

He frequently appears in courts defending his clients in criminal trials, for offences which varies widely from white collar and serious commercial frauds, offences involving dishonesty or violence to road traffic and other summons. Such trials often include challenges to admissibility of statements.

Joseph also appears regularly in the appellate courts in magisterial appeals, appeals to the Court of Appeal and to the Court of Final Appeal, both as an advocate in his own right and as a junior.

He is often instructed to attend legal visits at police stations, the ICAC and other law enforcement agencies. He is also experienced in defending clients in professional disciplinary proceedings.

His civil practice includes acting in and advising on a wide range of matters including building management, commercial disputes, contractual disputes, defamation, employment, family trusts, land and tenancy disputes, matrimonial matters, personal injury and professional negligence. He has appeared for clients both at trial and on appeal.

Deputy Magistrate (May to November 2016)

Member, Committee on Criminal Law & Procedure, Hong Kong Bar Association (2013-2017)

Member, Standing Committee on Welfare and Sports, Hong Kong Bar Association

Contributing Editor, Archbold Hong Kong (2016-2018)


HKSAR v Lau (DCCC19/2015)
Led by Mr. Selwyn Yu S.C. for a manager of a local bank in Hong Kong, who was acquitted in the District Court of all the charges (of accepting an advantage as an agent) that he faced.

HKSAR v Wong (2015) 18 HKCFAR 29
Acted as advocate on appeal. The appellant was convicted of money laundering, and his appeal was allowed by the Court of Final Appeal.

HKSAR v Lam (CACC263/2015) (Chinese judgment)
Acted as advocate on appeal. The appellant was convicted of dangerous driving causing death, and his appeal was allowed with a conviction for careless driving substituted.

HKSAR v Ng (HCMA516/2015) (Chinese judgment)
Acted as advocate on appeal.  The appeal was allowed due to various procedural errors at trial.

HKSAR v Kim (HCMA104/2015)
Acted as advocate for an appeal against sentence for Outraging public decency. The appeal was allowed and the sentence of imprisonment was substituted with a suspended sentence.

HKSAR v Chan & Others [2016] 1 HKLRD 1448 (English); [2016] 1 HKLRD 1433 (Chinese)
Led by Mr. Robert Lee S.C. in a successful appeal against conviction of two defendants faced with corruption charges.

HKSAR v Au (HCMA741/2013) (Chinese judgment)
Acted as advocate of a successful appeal against conviction, where the appellant was faced with a charge of indecent assault.

HKSAR v Wong (2012) 15 HKCFAR 199
Instructed as a junior for an appeal to the Court of Final Appeal, for a defendant charged with criminal damage.  The appeal raised important principles on the elements of the offence of criminal damage.

HKSAR v Ma & Others HCCC323/2012
Led by Mr. Selwyn Yu S.C., for three defendants who were acquitted by the jury in the High Court of various corruption offences.

HKSAR v Shah (FAMC23/2013)
Acted as advocate for the applicant in the Court of Final Appeal and Court of Appeal who was convicted of fraud.

Secretary for Justice v Kan [2013] 5 HKLRD 362
Led by Mr. Graham Harris S.C. in an Application for Review by the Department of Justice for an offence of engaging in corrupt conduct at an election.

HKSAR v Yeung [2012] 1 HKLRD 793
Acted as advocate in a successful appeal against sentence for the a charge of driving a motor vehicle with alcohol concentration exceeding prescribed legal limit.

Singh v Chan [2011] 3 HKC 411
Acted as advocate in appeal in respect of costs of taxation proceedings.

Wong v Wong & Others [2014] 6 HKC 89
Acted as advocate for two defendants who successfully resisted an application for a Preservation Order.