Hiu H. Wong, Athena

Hiu H. Wong, Athena

- Barrister, Hong Kong (2013)
- Attorney, New York, USA
- Arbitrators Fellow, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators
- CEDR Accredited Mediator
- Chinese Commercial Mediator

- BA in Jurisprudence
  University of Oxford
- Master of Laws (Law and Technology)
  University of California, Berkeley
- BBA in Economics
  Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
- Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL)
  University of Hong Kong


Specialise in land, trust, probate and family disputes.

Serve as legal consultant to Zhongyin (Nanjing) Law Firm, P.R.C. on Hong Kong law.

Specialised in negotiating price and commercial terms for international firms, including Coca-Cola and Hutchison Telecommunications, before joining the Bar.


McDonough Prize, University of Oxford, England
Rowlinson Award, University of Oxford, England
Middle Temple Scholarships for Advocacy Training, Hong Kong & England
Des Voeux Chambers Junior Scholarship, Hong Kong
Best Debater Award, Joint Universities Debating Competitions, Hong Kong


Land Cases

LDCS 12000/2013
• Acted for the 2nd respondent to resist application for compulsory sale of the land pursuant to the Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance (Cap 545).

LDBM 174/2014
• Acted for the respondent to oppose application to the Lands Tribunal pursuant to the Building Mangement Ordinance (Cap 344).

HCA 1349/2016
• Acted for the plaintiff to vacate the registration of a loan agreement under “Deeds Pending Registration” of the Land Register.

LDLR 2 /2015
• Acted for the applicants to seek compensation for the land resumed pursuant to the Lands Resumption Ordinance (Cap 124).

Contract/ Commercial Cases

HCA 288/2008
• Acted for the defendant to set aside the default judgment in respect of a guarantee.

HCMP 1457/2016
• Acted for the defendant to resist the plaintiff’s application for an order to convene a general meeting of the company owned by the parties.

DCCJ 2999/2014
• Acted for the plaintiff to sue the defendant on the basis of breaches of contract.

HCA 2291/2013      
• Acted for the defendant to resist the plaintiff’s claims for breaches of contract.

DCCJ 820/2014
• Acted for the defendant in his application to set aside the prohibition order.

HCA 1945/2014, HCA 2304/2014
• Acted for the plaintiffs in obtaining the Mareva injunction against the defendant.

Advised clients in various company/ commercial cases.

Family Cases

FCMC 5864/2007
• Acted for the wife to enforce arrears of maintenance against the husband.

FCMC 7676/2011
• Acted for the husband to seek leave to appeal against the maintenance order.

FCMC 12536/2013
• Acted for the wife in the finanical dispute resolution.

FCMC 3523/2014
• Acted for the wife to petition for divorce and to seek ancillary relief.

FCMC 1516/2014
• Acted for the husband in his maintenance disputes with the wife.

FCMC 11660 /2015
• Acted for the father to resist the removal application taken out by the mother for leave to remove the parties’ children from the jurisdiction.

Judicial Review Cases

LYT v Commissioner for Transport, HCAL 42/2014
• Acted for the applicant in obtaining leave to judicial review on the Government’s decision to change the pedestrian schemes at Mongkok, Hong Kong.

NYKB v The University of Hong Kong, HCMP 465/2015
• Acted for the student to seek a declaration and an injunction against the University of Hong Kong.  Led by Mr. Nicholas Cooney SC.

Bankruptcy Cases

HCB 3133/2014
• Acted for the debtor to resist a bankruptcy petition.

HCB 6838/2014
• Acted for the petitioner to seek a bankruptcy order against the debtor.

HCB 3941/2014
• Acted for the debtor to petition for a self-bankruptcy order.

Winding-up Cases

HCCW 225/2013
• Acted for the respondent to resist the petitioner’s winding up application.

HCCW 149/2014
• Acted for the respondent to resist the petitioner’s winding up application.

HCCW 35/2015
• Acted for the petitioner to seek a winding up order against the respondent.

Defamation Cases

HCA 2265/2015
• Acted for the plaintiff to sue the defendants for defaming the name of the plaintiff by publishing defamatory statements and articles on the Internet.

DCCJ 998/2016
• Acted for the plaintiff to sue the defendant for defaming the name of the plaintiff by publishing defamatory email.

Tort Cases

DCCJ 1037/2014
• Acted for the plaintiff to seek damages and an injunction for water leakage.

HCA 1563/2013
• Acted for the plaintiff in obtaining an interlocutory injunction restraining the defendant from causing nuisance to him and from entering his reidence.

Probate Cases

HCMP 1207/2015
• Acted for the administrators of two estates to resist application to revoke the grant of administration.

HCMP 2331/2013
• Acted for the plaintiffs in obtaining orders against the administrator to exhibit upon oath an account of his administration of the estate.

Unjust Enrichment Cases

CACV 217/2015 (28 January 2016)
• Acted for the plaintiff on appeal in overturning the order not to continue the Mareva injunction against the 1st defendant.

HCA 2640/2014
• Acted for the plaintiff to recover a sum of money remitted by a Korean company to the 1st and 2nd defendants.

DCCJ 3686/2012 (12 June 2015)
• Acted for the plaintiff in obtaining a judgment against the defendant for the return of money remitted by mistake.